Teen orthodontics

Teen orthodontist

Teenagers can get a new smile with the help of orthodontic care from Gohill Orthodontics. Our services help patients feel more confident and improve their oral health. If you or your teen are interested in orthodontic services in Florida, our team is ready to help. We offer high-quality orthodontic services that provide numerous benefits to teenagers in the area. Choose Gohill Orthodontics today for a smile you will love.

Benefits of teen orthodontic services

Orthodontics offers several advantages for teenagers and young adults. The teeth are easier to move at this age because the teen is still growing. Once facial growth has stopped, it can be more complicated — and more costly — to fix the teeth and jaw. Common benefits include:

  • Improving oral health: Braces and aligners help improve oral health in several ways. They can prevent tooth decay, bone loss, gum disease and injuries. Orthodontic services also help improve chewing, biting, sleeping, talking and breathing.
  • Boosting self-confidence: Teenagers can feel confident in their smiles by taking steps to fix them, resulting in beautiful and straight teeth they can appreciate for years to come.

Teenagers may need braces if they have overcrowded teeth, an overbite, gaps between their teeth or protrusions. Most teens receive braces between 12 and 16 years old. However, older individuals who are concerned about their teeth can also schedule a consultation with our skilled team.

Our services as teenager orthodontists

While traditional metal braces are an option for teenagers, we also provide other choices to make fixing your teeth more discreet. When you choose Gohill Orthodontics, you have the option of several treatment methods, including:

Conventional braces are useful for shifting teeth into the correct positions using archwires and metal brackets. You can have either the standard metal brackets or clear ones, which help you attain a more natural appearance.

You and your teen can talk with one of our specialists to see which option is right for you. We want to help teens feel their best, so we are dedicated to helping you find a solution that works well and makes them feel happier.

Choose Gohill Orthodontics for a teen orthodontist in Miami Beach

If you think your teen might need braces or aligners, our team is here to help. Our specialists will perform a consultation and discuss your options. Our main goal is to find the right choice for straightening your teen’s smile. To meet this objective, we provide high-quality treatment and an outstanding patient experience for anyone who walks through our doors.

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