Kids’ orthodontics

Pediatric orthodontist

Orthodontic treatment involves correcting a patient’s smile with devices such as braces. An orthodontist may suggest this treatment for aesthetic reasons and to improve function. Orthodontics is beneficial for kids because their mouths are still growing, so catching issues at this stage allows for easier care.

If you need a kids orthodontist in Aventura or Miami Beach, Florida, Dr. Gohill and his team can help. Dr. Gohill has years of training and experience focused on assisting patients to achieve a healthy smile.

Benefits of pediatric orthodontics

The best time to start pediatric orthodontics is around age 7, when your child’s mouth is still growing. An orthodontist can treat problems more efficiently with younger patients. If you’re thinking about bringing your child in to see a pediatric orthodontist in Aventura or Miami Beach, here are some benefits to consider:

  • Catch issues early: An orthodontist can treat problems before they become more serious.
  • Prevent later treatment: A child who goes through orthodontic treatment may not need it again as a teenager or adult.
  • Fix dental conditions: Pediatric orthodontics can correct various mouth issues, including overcrowding and jaw growth issues. Some of these conditions require surgery if not treated while the patient is young.
  • Stop unhealthy habits: An orthodontist can prevent certain mouth issues by stopping habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.
  • Save money: Treatment from a young age is often cheaper and less invasive than later care.

Most pediatric patients wear devices such as palate expanders and braces for one to three years. After this, your orthodontist will give your child a retainer to wear that keeps their teeth in place. For some orthodontic treatments, your child may wear a device such as a palate expander and then get braces as a teen.

Pediatric orthodontics from Gohill Orthodontics

When you choose Dr. Gohill as your pediatric orthodontist in Miami Beach or Aventura, you will get premier care and service. He begins each orthodontic treatment with a consultation to examine your child’s mouth and locate potential issues before they become more serious.

Even if you don’t think your child needs orthodontics, stop by for a consultation. Dr. Gohill uses various tools like X-rays and an iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner to locate potential treatment areas you might not notice.

After this initial appointment, you can enjoy a personal consultation with Dr. Gohill. He will point out areas where your child might benefit from orthodontics. You can also take advantage of a wide range of options for treatment with flexible payment plans. After the consultation, your child can begin treatment.

Improve your child’s smile with our pediatric orthodontics services

Pediatric orthodontics addresses issues in your child’s mouth from a young age. This option has many benefits, like preventing further orthodontic treatment and lowering treatment costs.

If you think your child may benefit from pediatric orthodontics, reach out to Dr. Gohill and our team. You’ll receive a personal consultation to assess your child’s current condition. After that, your child can undergo treatment and enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.